Government Relations

We are actively engaged in activities at all levels of federal, state and local government.


Infrastructure Investment

We believe long-term, robust investment is critical to our nation’s transportation infrastructure, which is the backbone of our economy.

Elected officials at all levels – from the President of the United States to the local town council members – determine how to invest in transportation infrastructure.

The decisions they make affect our employees, our company and our industry.


CRH group shot in front of capital building in DC


Our company engages elected officials by visiting their offices, inviting them to visit us at plants or job sites and communicating to them our interests and priorities.


We strive to educate our employees about the issues that affect us and encourage them to be involved in the political process, to vote and to educate elected officials about industry issues, our business and the nation’s transportation needs.


Our employees’ political involvement can have a significant positive impact on the future of our company, our industry and our country.



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Civic Action Center

Input your information to check your voter registration status, find your legislators and learn about candidates.


Civic Action Center



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