Our Purpose

We stand together to reinvent the way our World is built.

Why We Exist

No matter where you stand, we're everywhere you look. What we make at CRH is essential to life and living because our materials, products, and services define how our world is built.

That's why every time we make something, we work to make it better. We rethink, reimagine, and reinvent solutions for the built environment, making homes, buildings, and infrastructure that stand the test of time.

We're known for our relentless drive. Now, we are applying that drive to the challenges of our time to take a stand for the generations to come, to stand for inclusion and diversity, and to stand for sustainability.

And to make the biggest impact, we'll do it side by side with our partners, customers, and stakeholders, shaping solutions and knowledge globally.

Because no matter where you stand: we stand together to reinvent the way our World is built.



Purpose logo

Our Purpose is our North Star

It's our distinct reason for being—what it means to be a CRH company.

It is why we do what we do every day and why that matters. It creates meaning and motivates us to achieve more for our teams, our stakeholders, our customers, and the world.

Our Purpose guides our strategy and decision making, it is expressed through our Values experienced in our culture and delivered through our strategic Pillars.